Acropyga Genus

  • Eye large, with more than 20 ommatidia
  • Mand.with 5 triangular teeth (5th can hide behind 4th infview)
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        India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Island, Australia
  • Mand.with 5 teeth, basal tooth truncate apically
  • If PP inpviewdorsal surface not near-horizontal; posterolateral margin convex, not forming angle then (1)
  • If Head sides fview paralell, PEinpviewthick, dorsal margin obtusely angulate then (2)
  • If Head sidesfview slightly convex, PEinpviewthin, dorsal margin acutely angulate then (3)
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        (1) South-East China, Hainan
        (2) Japan (Mikura-jima Is., Shikoku, Kyushu, Yaku-shima Is, Nansei Is.
        (3) China (Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hainan Is.)

  • Mand.with 3-4 teeth, basal tooth triangular with acute apex
  • if funiculus with 6 articles, eyes absent:septemstruma(left)
  • Else funiculus with more than 8 articles, eyes present:
  • Mand. with 3 teeth:
  • Mandible with 4 teeth:
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        China, Japan, Taiwan