Lasinii Tribe

  • Thorax slender, PN and MN forming a "roof" in profile view
  • dview:
    - Coxa I entirely visible
    - Posterior part of Mn covers the PP in all its anterior width
    - PN is the hat and Mn is the stand (do you see... the morel!)
  • Antennae with 11 segments
  • Japan
  • Rear tibia no long: HTL/CW < 1,50
  • Scapus very long: SL/CL < 1,10
  • MN and PP only partially fused
  • Whole Palaearctic
  • Rear tibia not long:
    HTL/CW < 1,50
  • Scapus very long:
    SL/CL > 1,13
  • MN and PP well fused
  • Hungary, South Slovakia, South Austria
  • Posterior extremities of the cranium angular. Vertex notched in the middle or at least planar
  • Frontal groove (Fg) forms a marked protrusion from the top of the vertex to the upper edge of the ∆fr.
    Face like Pheidole pallidula
  • Eyes reduced, just above the posterior horizon of the antennal sockets
  • East Asia, Japan