Discothyrea, Prionopelta & Stigmatomma genera

  • Massiv head in profil of the size of the entire mesosoma
  • PN, MN, PP entirely fused into one massiv bloc
  • Scapus and funiculus extremely thick and short
  • Frc protuberant in profile view
  • Eyes diameter bigger than the antennal socket pview:
    Discothyrea kamiteta
  • Eyes diameter as the antennal socket pview: Discothyrea sauteri
  • Mandibles short, closing tightly against Cl, their apical border distinct and occupied by 3 teeth
  • TL very small, head ca. 0.38 mm wide
  • if top of subpetiolar protuberance rounded: Prionopelta kraepelini
  • Taiwan : Liuguei, Kaohsiung Hsien
  • Genal teeth prominently (Fig. a) developed
  • Japan : Okinawa and Heianza-jima
  • Japan :
    Stigmatomma denticulatum
    Stigmatomma emeryi
    Stigmatomma gaetulicum
    Stigmatomma silvestrii
    Stigmatomma bruni
  • Genal teeth absent or not prominently developed (Fig. b)
  • Denticles in double rows (Fig. a right); PE with anterior lobe lview: sakaiii
  • Denticles in a single row (Fig. b up); subpetiolar process anteriorly others